Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New York Foreclosure Listings: Big Savings on Below Market Priced Properties

New York Foreclosure Listings: Big Savings on Below Market Priced Properties
By: Joseph Smith

Anyone who's looking to buy real estate in New York has to know how to find the best deals, especially in today's shaky market. With property values falling, the future of the housing market looking unstable, and the impending threat of an economic recession, making a big investment in a new home can be a worrisome proposition. But there are ways out there to ensure good values despite these factors, and one of the best options for this is New York foreclosure listings.

While most people are familiar with buying homes through real estate agents, New York foreclosure listings are bought from mortgage lenders at public auction. Anyone can learn this process, as it isn't difficult. And best of all, since they are sold as repossessions, most properties bought through New York foreclosure listings can be purchased for anywhere from 10 to 50% below what they are actually worth. This presents the opportunity to buy at below market values, which ensures a great investment instantly. Even if the market continues to stay at a low level, you've actually got equity already built simply by buying for a discount.

And the market for New York foreclosure listings is incredible right now. With thousands of properties currently in foreclosure across the state, and many more predicted to become available during 2008, it's a great time to find values. There are all sorts of great locations to buy as well, as the high foreclosure rates in New York City, Albany and Buffalo are all bringing lots of new properties onto the market all the time.

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